Tuesdays at Tantur - Lecture Series

Tuesdays At Tantur

Tuesdays at Tantur is a joint project of the Tantur Ecumenical Institute and the University of Notre Dame Jerusalem Global Gateway. It brings together scholars, researchers, academics, clergy, civil society leaders, and other individuals who are either permanent residents or visitors in the greater Jerusalem area. We learn and share from guest hosts who bring their knowledge and facilitate conversation on a wide range of subjects, including theology, history, sociology, international and civil conflict, peace-making, archeology and more.

Details and FormatĀ 

These monthly meetings run in three blocks of independent weekly lectures:

  • Mid-January untilĀ one week before western-rite Easter and Pesach
  • Late spring until late July
  • Early September until early December

Unless otherwise noted, Tuesdays at Tantur run from 7-8:30pm and are held in the Tantur Chapel Seminar Room. Schedules and topics will be listed below and posted on our Facebook page. A typical meeting begins with a 45 minute presentation by our host(s), followed by open floor conversation and discussion.

Please confirm that a meeting is taking place before arriving at Tantur.

Shuttle Bus

A free shuttle service can bring you to Tantur for our Tuesdays at Tantur meetings. It departs from the Old City of Jerusalem, provided a minimum of five persons are registered by the day before. To register for a seat, please contact tantur@tantur.org.