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In the 1960s, Pope Paul VI along with Protestant and Orthodox scholars envisioned an institute that would be designed for scholars to live in residence and to pursue their individual research in a community setting. Today at Tantur, we can provide a home and community for those wishing to undertake individual, self-directed study and research in the Holy Land. 

Where you think it may support your work, you are also welcome to participate in our community life and, when possible, meet with other scholars in colloquia to discuss each other's work. 

  • Researchopportunities

    Research Opportunities

    Tantur welcomes junior and senior scholars and researchers who wish to make use of the resources at our own Tantur Library, and have access to the rich collections at other libraries and archives in Jerusalem.

    Research Opportunities

  • Scholar's Program

    The Scholars Program is designed for junior and senior scholars, without regard to religious affiliation, who wish to research and/or write on a topic integrally connected to the Holy Land.

    Scholar's Program

  • Scholarsprogram

    Senior Ecumenical Fellow

    The Senior Ecumenical Fellow coordinates scholarly initiatives which serve the search for truth and unity among Christians.

    Senior Ecumenical Fellow

Here, in this sanctuary set next
to the Hebron road,
not far from Jerusalem
or Bethlehem, two places beloved
by three faiths, I sit and reflect.

–Ann Jean Blyth Phillips, Tantur Alumna