Prayer at Tantur

Chapel Personal Prayer

Tantur Chapel

The Tantur Chapel is a space that provides for the spiritual needs of our group participants, scholars, and guests.  It is a spacious, simple, white-walled room that includes an altar hewn from a single boulder of Jerusalem stone, a sacristy and service preparation room which includes the necessary liturgical supplies for most Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant services.  Program participants, residents, local Jerusalemites, and even some faith communities often use the Chapel for denomination specific services as well as joining in our regular ecumenical evening prayer services.  

Ecumenical Prayer

Tantur has formed partnerships with several communities, such as Taizé and Chemin-Neuf, that assist us in providing the richness of ecumenical prayer styles and ecumenical formational experiences. Our Ecumenical Evening Prayer is the spiritual heart of the Tantur community.  For 30 minutes, five days a week, the whole Tantur community is invited to attend, participate in, and lead this time of prayer.  

Prayer and Excursions

The excursions and tours that Tantur provides to our program participants are not just about “tourism,” but also provide an opportunity to integrate prayer, reflection, and scriptural references into the experience of being present at these sacred and historical sights.

Spiritual Retreats

At the end of most of our programs, we set aside time for a structured Day of Recollection or a Spiritual Retreat. This allows for reflection on the preceding days, guided prayer meditations, an opportunity for closure, and preparation to continue on one’s personal journey after Tantur.