Scholar's Program

The Scholar’s Program is designed for junior and senior scholars, without regard to religious affiliation, who are either writing their dissertations or who are on sabbatical and desire to research and/or write on a topic integrally connected to this land, whether religious, historical, political, or cultural. Each scholar can tailor the program to their own needs. The length of the program varies accordingly.  


For the costs involved in taking residence at Tantur as a visiting scholar, please follow this link to the relevant information on University of Notre Dame at Tantur website.


At present, there is no deadline or standard application form for scholars and researchers. Please email your inquiry to Rev. John M. Paul, S.J., Rector of Tantur with "Proposal for research and/or study at Tantur" in your email subject line. 

Applications may include a brief abstract on what you propose to research or study while at Tantur, plus an academic CV. 

You can also post/mail your application form to: Rector Rev. John M. Paul, S.J., Tantur Ecumenical Institute, Po Box 11381, 9111301, Israel. 

*A special note on visas: depending on your citizenship, you may need an advance Israeli visa to travel to Jerusalem. Please apply at least 90 days prior to the start of the program as this process can be lengthy, especially in late summer or early fall. For information on applying for a visa, please check with the Israeli embassy or consulate in your country of citizenship.