Meeting Rooms and Chapel

Mc July 2019 Tantur Ecumenical Institute 04 1

Tantur has a large auditorium, with basic audiovisual and translation equipment, and a beautiful seminar room for large group lectures and conferences. We also have several smaller classrooms and meeting spaces to accommodate various scholars, guests, and groups using our facilities. 

Our Chapel provides for the spiritual needs of our group participants, scholars and guests. It is a spacious, simple white-walled room that includes an altar hewn from a single boulder of Jerusalem stone, a sacristy, and a service preparation room which includes the necessary liturgical supplies for most Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant services.  


Program participants, residents, local Jerusalemites, and even some faith communities often use the Chapel for denomination-specific services as well as joining in our regular ecumenical evening prayer services. There are two prayer rooms adjacent to the Chapel that offer more quiet and seclusion, if desired.