Location & Facilities

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Campus and Grounds

The Tantur campus sits atop a hill on the southern edge of Jerusalem, overlooking the Judean hills and the city of Bethlehem. It includes 40 acres of olive, fruit, and pine trees, and gardens that bloom nearly all year round. The buildings, designed by architect Frank Montana, flow with the contours of the hillside and are made of white Jerusalem stone, thus blending in beautifully with our surroundings. 

For full details on accommodations, facilities, and all guest services at Tantur, please visit the University of Notre Dame at Tantur website.

Tantur Ecumenical Institute and the University of Notre Dame at Tantur are located at the junction of Hebron Road and HaRosmarin Street in southeastern Jerusalem, just before passing into Bethlehem. In Jerusalem and Bethlehem, “Tantur” can refer to our Ecumenical Institute, our facility, or the entire hilltop. 


We have 50 guest rooms including both private and double rooms with either private or shared bathrooms. In addition, we have ten fully-equipped and furnished apartments for couples and families.  Each room has its own balcony and there are many large verandas where guests can read, work, socialize, or just enjoy the sunset. 

"With a lovely three-bedroom apartment, the opportunity for community as well as separate identity … we found Tantur to be the perfect place to learn, study, explore and grow … As a family unit we felt stronger, better and more united in vision and purpose as a result of the Tantur hospitality and experience."

               - Pastor Bronwyn Spilsbury, Foothills Alliance Church, Calgary, Alberta. 

Dining and Recreation

Our guests and participants eat meals together in our large dining room where they enjoy three freshly-cooked meals each day. Coffee and tea are available at all hours in the Coffee/Hospitality Room. Our recreational facilities include an exercise room, a tennis court, a ping-pong room, TV rooms, and a reading room. Wifi is available throughout the campus, and a computer room is also available for those not bringing their own laptops and personal devices. 

Meeting Spaces and Chapel

Tantur has a large auditorium, with basic audiovisual and translation equipment, and a beautiful seminar room for large group lectures and conferences. We also have several smaller classrooms and meeting spaces to accommodate various scholars, guests, and groups using our facilities. 

Our Chapel provides for the spiritual needs of our group participants, scholars and guests. It is a spacious, simple white-walled room that includes an altar hewn from a single boulder of Jerusalem stone, a sacristy, and a service preparation room which includes the necessary liturgical supplies for most Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant services.  

Program participants, residents, local Jerusalemites, and even some faith communities often use the Chapel for denomination-specific services as well as joining in our regular ecumenical evening prayer services. Adjacent to the Chapel are two prayer rooms that offer more quiet and seclusion, if desired.

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