2023 Week of Unity Program in Jerusalem

Author: TEI Staff

Week Of Unity Jerusalem 2023

Isaiah spoke to awaken the consciousness of the people of Judah to the reality of their situation. Injustice and inequality led to fragmentation and disunity. His prophecies speak out vigorously in favour of the disadvantaged, rooting righteousness and justice in God alone. Our world today in many ways mirrors the challenges of division that Isaiah confronted in his preaching. Justice, righteousness and unity originate from God’s profound love for each of us, and are at the heart of who God is and how God expects us to be with one another. The Week of Prayer is the perfect time for Christians to recognize that the divisions between our churches and confessions cannot be separated from the divisions within the wider human family. Praying together for Christian unity allows us to reflect on what unites us and to commit ourselves to confront oppression and division amongst humanity. These prayers and encounters of the heart have the power to transform us – individually and collectively. 

Week of Christian Unity 2023 Jerusalem

















Download here: Unity Week 2023