Virtual Advent Holy Land Retreat

Author: Sr. Marie-Farouza Maximos

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Online Retreat Dates: November 28, December 5, 12, and 19, 2021   (Time: TBA; each session will be approximately 90 minutes in length)

"Peace on Earth and Good Will to All:  Jesus, the Incarnate Messenger of Hope, Faith, Love and Peace"

This year, to prepare us for the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ, the Tantur Ecumenical Institute is partnering with the Ignatian Spirituality Community in Geneva to offer an online, live-stream retreat series.

This series will focus on the 4 Sundays of Advent and how these themes are presented in the scriptural readings of those Sundays and how they are rooted in biblical locales.

Each Sunday’s presentation will include a virtual tour according to each Sunday’s focus as well as guided spiritual reflections for prayer throughout the week.

 Our Holy Land-based tour guides will bring you virtually to some of the Holy sites in Jerusalem, Nazareth, the Judean desert and Bethlehem, while Jewish and Christian scholars will provide four lectures to help us deepen our understanding of hope, faith, love, and peace in the Holy Scriptures.