Top Christian Archeological Throwbacks of 2021

Author: Nizar Halloun


Like reading about the latest archeological finds? here's a throwback at 2021 and its findings:

1. Has the ‘Lost City’ of the Gospels Finally Been Found?

2. “Christ born of Mary” from the “miserable Thomas.”

3. Biggest Winemaking Facility in Entire Byzantine World Found in Central Israel

4. Byzantine Basilica With Graves of Female Ministers and Baffling Mass Burials

5. Seek and Ye Shall Find Byzantine Activity in Tel Aviv Suburb 1,500 Years Ago

6. No Crusader Army Camps Have Ever Been Found. Until Now, in Israel

7. Unique Arabic Inscription Found on Ballista Ball at Crusader Castle in Israel

8. Ancient Sword Found Off Israeli Coast May Have Been Dropped by a Crusader