Tantur 50th Anniversary

Author: Sr. Marie-Farouza Maximos

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Fifty Years of Encountering

A Week to Celebrate


Monday, October 10

9:30-11:30 The Oriental Churches in Jerusalem, Fr. Frans Bowen

14:00-16:00  Ecumenism in Holy Land, Fr. Frans Bowen

16:30 Opening Ceremony

Welcoming address, keynote talks, social followed by dinner, and entertainment.


Tuesday, October 11

Morning:  Encountering the Coptics and Syriacs in Jerusalem

17:30 Taizé Prayer in Tantur’s Chapel

19:00 Tuesdays at Tantur Lecture


Wednesday, October 12

10:00-16:00 Encountering the Greek and Armenian Orthodox (Armenian Vespers at St James Cathedral at 15:00)

17:30  Taizé Prayer in Tantur’s Chapel


Thursday, October 13

7:30-15:00 A Judean Desert Excursion

16:30 Ecumenical Prayer Service

followed by concert and Cultural Events


Friday, October 14

9:00-12:00  Encountering the Latin Patriarchate, the Melkites, and the Lutherans

Their History and Presence in the Holy Land

17:00 Taizé Prayer in Tantur’s Chapel


All events are free of charge upon reservation: tanturpo@nd.edu