Statement of the Patriarchs and Heads of Local Churches of Jerusalem

Author: TEI Staff

Christian quarter st., Old City of Jerusalem (Photo: Nizar Halloun/TEI)
Christian quarter street, Old City of Jerusalem (Photo: Nizar Halloun/TEI)

The following article is from the Patriarchs and Heads of Churches in the Holy Land regarding a pattern of destruction of Christian church properties and abusive behavior toward Christian clergy and local Christians.   It has drawn the attention of many in the Holy Land—for good and “not so good”.  This statement, released to the press and the general public, was a joint effort by the various church leaders in Jerusalem.  In itself, given the challenges and difficulties of the different Churches in the Holy Land working together, this statement is a reflection of the grave concern not only of the church leaders, but of many local Christians who vocalize to these leaders the things spoken about in this statement.  It is important to mention that the release of this statement did not come about by a “particular incident” but rather an ongoing pattern of “drip by drip” behavior of assaults and intimidation by radical Jewish ultra-orthodox groups in the Holy Land over the past years, which frequently remain ignored and unpunished by local authorities.  This statement was released before Christmas, a time when the world focuses on Bethlehem and the Nativity of Christ, to emphasis the seriousness and importance of what is faced by local churches and Christians in the Holy Land.

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