THE LITURGY OF HOLY WEEK during the 4th Century, Fr. Aziz Hallaweh


Father Aziz Halaweh is a priest of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem. He has served as pastor of various parishes in Palestine, was the Founder and the Director, Christ the King Bookstore in Beit Sahour. He serves as Archivist at the Latin Patriarchate and as Director of the Liturgical Office of the Diocese and teaches at the seminary in Beit Jala and at Bethlehem University.
Father Aziz Halaweh studied Divine Liturgy at the Pontifical University of the
Holy Cross in Rome and published his thesis under the title: The Church of Jerusalem and its Liturgy in the First Five Centuries: A Historical, Theological & Liturgical Approach.
The Conference on the Liturgy of the Holy Week as was celebrated in the Holy City during the Fourth Century which give us a true image of what we celebrate nowadays in our Roman Liturgy.


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