Tuesdays at Tantur: The Art of the Aramaic, Expressing Spirituality through Calligraphy



Abouna (“Dayroyo”) Boulus Khano, was born in Jerusalem. Since childhood he loved Sunday prayers at Virgin Mary Church in Bethlehem. This connection to monastic life there led him to enter St. Marcos Convent at age 12, learning monastic life. He was ordained a priest in 2011 and soon was sent to Sweden to learn Swedish and serve the Syriac Orthodox Church there. He returned to Jerusalem in 2014 and began his art work of writing biblical poems, drawing, and music, producing over 3500 copies of the Lord’s Prayer in beautifully

hand-scripted Aramaic. In addition, he has produced CDs of his Biblical songs (distributed world-wide), published a book of spiritual poetry as well as books on the life of Jesus Christ and the Apostles, illustrated with his drawings. During the lockdowns, he responded to the call of writing and publishing the entirety of the New Testament in Aramaic. This path of spiritual artistry has connected him with people world-wide.

Transportation will be provided at the corner of St Louis Hospital opposite of Romain Gary French Cultural Center

Please RSVP at : tanturpo@nd.edu
The bus will leave at 6:30 p.m and return at 9:00 p.m.