Tuesdays@Tantur with Prof. Elizabeth Jane Doering: The Iliad or the Poem of Force, Simone Weil, 1942


Location: Tantur Chapel, Tantur Ecumenical Institute

Prof. Elizabeth Jane Doering

Elizabeth Jane Doering is a Professor Emerita of the University of Notre Dame, and has been reading French philosopher Simone Weil for well over two decades with a particular interest in her social and political ideas and how her thought evolved after a mystical experience. As member and officer in both the American Weil Society and the international Association pour l’étude de la pensée de Simone Weil, Prof. Doering strives to facilitate communication among Weil scholars around the globe. Her publications include The Christian Platonism of Simone Weil (co-edited in 2004), Simone Weil and the Specter of Self-perpetuating Force (2010), a forthcoming co-authored book: When Fiction and Philosophy Meet: A conversation between Flannery O’Connor and Simone Weil (2019) and over three dozen articles on the multi-dimensional thought of Simone Weil. A recipient of many research grants, she is particularly proud of the Notre Dame Kaneb Teaching Award. 

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