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Sr. Abraham

Sr. Abraham Kirsten Stoffregen Pedersen, PhD

                     2/26/1932 - 5/31/2017 

Tantur Ecumenical Institute was deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Sister Abraham Kirsten Stoffregen Pedersen on May 30th, 2017. Sister Abraham, born Kirsten Stoffregen Pedersen in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1932, was a beloved ecumenical figure in Jerusalem as a pilgrim, student, educator, iconographer, and monastic. Beginning her monastic life as a Bridgettine sister, she is best remembered for her contributions to the study of the Ethiopian Coptic presence in the Holy Land and her distinctive Coptic icons. Sister Abraham's relationship with Tantur Ecumenical Institute spanned decades and multi-faceted; not least of which included publishing her substantial work, The History of Ethiopian Community in the Holy Land from the time of Emperor Tewodoros II till 1974, published in 1983 by Tantur Ecumenical Institute. Sr. Abraham attended our 40th Anniversary Tantur Conference in 2012, returning to her native Denmark in 2015, ending fifty years in the city of Jerusalem that she dearly loved. We will be publishing a more substantial list of Sister Abraham's works and contributions to Tantur, as well as other reflections on her life and legacy, over this summer. May her memory be eternal!