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Summer At Tantur: A Gathering of Programs, Peoples and Possibilities 

Hebrew Ulpan Summer 2015

Each summer, Tantur Ecumenical Institute comes alive with a multitude of programs and activities that make it a true hub of Jerusalem's educational and ecumenical Christian landscape.  While programs run throughout the year and our scholars are an ever-present component of our Institute, the month of July this year has been particularly busy. Tantur is at present hosting both our second of two month-long Continuing Education Programs, as well as our annual Hebrew-language summer course.  This summer also brought a return to public lectures at Tantur, with Dr. Yuri Stoyanov, on faculty of the School of Oriental and African Studies, giving a well-attended lecture on Orthodoxy, War & Pacifism.   Through the Abrahamic Reunion, an interfaith organization active in Jerusalem, we hosted an interfaith iftar organzed to coincide with the Jewish fast of the 17th of Tamuz.  We have also had the pleasure of several scholars in residence as well as welcoming the newest group of students affliated with the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, who have traditionally resided at Tantur while completing internships with local organizations in the Jerusalem-Bethlehem area.  Our annual August reprieve will soon come to a end, and we look forward to beginning our autumn programs starting September 7th with our Three Month Sabbatical Program. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook to learm more about the daily life of Tantur through postings of photos, videos and blogs!