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1965-2015: Celebrating 50 Years of the Vision of Tantur 


In 2015, the vision of the Tantur Ecumenical Institute celebrates its 50th year.  While the Institute did not formally open until September of 1972, the path forward from the 1964 Papal-Patriarchal embrace of reconcilliation and Christian brotherhood on the Mount of Olives was realized in 1965 when the institutional groundwork for what would become Tantur was laid.  At present, the history of the Tantur Ecumenical Institute is being researched and written by Fr. Patrick Gaffney CSC, of the University of Notre Dame.   We look forward to sharing the story of the genesis of Tantur as we move through this year and towards the publication of this important work. Thanks to all who have shared, contributed and carried the vision of Tantur through many years!