Bruderhof Community

Bruderhof Community

The Bruderhof Community at Tantur

The Tantur facility is home to several international staff and long-term residents from a variety of different nationalities, Christian confessions and vocations.  In recent years, we have been blessed to have a presence of members of the Bruderhof, a Christian pacifist movement founded in Germany during the inter-war period of the 20th Century, who have since spread their mission and model of faith-based community living to many parts of the world.

Briefly present at Tantur during the tenure of the rectorship of Fr. Tom Stransky (1988-1999), the Bruderhof Community maintained its warm relations with our Institute until returning at the start of 2016.  Since then, a family unit of the Bruderhof Community has remained in residence at Tantur, serving as volunteers with our facilities staff and enthusiastically taking part in the prayer and social life of Tantur.

We are grateful for the presence of Bruderhof once again at Tantur, and have enjoyed learning with and from those who have dedicated their lives to the concept of Christian community.  

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