Tantur - An Oasis of Learning, Community and Hospitality

Tantur is a place where people come to live, learn and experience life in the Holy Land in a way few can. Some are officially “students”, those enrolled in a program at a seminary or university; some are officially “teachers”, who work for those same seminaries or universities; and some are those, neither officially students nor teachers, who are lifelong seekers of knowledge and the mystery of faith. Many of these are priests, pastors, members of religious orders and lay people active in their church communities and in religious or parochial education. Some come to Tantur to learn on their own by taking advantage of the library for research and who choose to discover the intricacies of Jerusalem and its surroundings at their leisure. Others are participating in Tantur programs and are guided through this encounter with the Holy Land as part of a larger group. Still others may be part of a university study abroad program, or a church-led pilgrimage or an international conference. Surprisingly, there is a place and space for all of these together at Tantur.


Community Program Participants

Guests at Tantur discover living together with other members of the Christian family, as well as the broader inter-faith community, to be an incredibly enriching experience. These guests represent many countries of the globe and one may find oneself living, for the first time, with a veritable tapestry of nationalities, denominations and cultural groups. Our local staff who live off-campus but are an integral part of our community  help complete this multicultural tapestry.Tantur looks for those who are open to learning from others and who have an adventurous, faithful, grounded and flexible spirit. At any given time, Tantur is home to young children (whose parents are researching and/or writing), undergraduate students, graduate students, adults in the middle of their careers and those who have completed their professional work. Community emerges as we eat, study, tour and pray together. This daily discourse leads to a greater understanding of the other and of oneself as well. Living at Tantur can be intense but rewarding, challenging but fulfilling, but above all, an immensely powerful, fulfilling experience.