Taize at Tantur

In recent years, Tantur has become involved with the Taize Community, an ecumenical monastic community founded in Taize in Burgundy, France in the mid-20th century.  Taize is known for its unique, contemplative form of worship as well as its emphasis on community-based social justice and cohesion.  This relationship extends back to nearly the founding years of Tantur, as discussions regarding a permanent monastic presence in residence at the Institute were held with several communities.   In the autumn of 2017 and the spring of 2018, we were blessed to have Brother Emile, a Taize community leader and author of several books on prayer and spirituality, join us for discussions and planning on how to further strengthen this generational relationship.

Tantur Ecumenical Institute and many members of our community are involved in the Jerusalem-area Taize network. Tantur is also an occassional host of Taize prayer.  For more information about the Taize community, please visit the Taize website, or visit the links below.

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"A Night of Christmas" - Frere Emile Speaks on Taize and Tantur

Brother Roger of Taize