Farewell Message from Outgoing Marketing & Communications Director Dan Koski

Author: Dan Koski


Dear global community members of Tantur Ecumenical Institute;

After five and a half years of service to Tantur, my time with the Institute has come to an end as my wife and I prepare to leave the Holy Land.   The Communications team of Notre Dame International will assist the Tantur staff to ensure that media concerns are handled moving forward. The email tantur@tantur.org will continue to serve as a general contact point for all Tantur correspondence.  

While I have been involved in many aspects of the work of Tantur over the past few years, correspondence with past Tantur community members, be they “alumni” program participants, scholars, staff or just friends of the Institute has always been one of my most favored tasks.  No matter the person, the sum of these individual voices from nearly half a century of operation is resoundingly uniform: Tantur was a life-changing journey, and it will always be a special place to me.

Now that I am the newest member of this alumni club, I pause to think what Tantur has meant, and if there is anything further to add to this voice; one that I have been tasked to present to our global audience these past years.  In truth, there is nothing further to add than that simple declaration: Tantur was a life-changing journey, and it will always be a special place to me.

The mission, work and vision of Tantur as a center for advanced theological study, ecumenical and interfaith initiatives, and a space for cultivating efforts for regional conflict resolution may be as daunting as it was at its beginning half a century ago, but its need has never been greater.  If at times it seems that we are no closer to finding the steps to what former Tantur Rector Fr. Timothy Lowe once described as “an impossible dance,” we can find encouragement in the knowledge that Tantur has done more than its part to keep the music going through both promising and challenging times.  

Thank you to everyone who has made this part of the journey in the Holy Land what it has been.  And keep dancing.


Dan Koski

Tantur Staff, 2013-2019