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Three Month Group 2012 at Mount Tabor

"After Tantur, the daily readings from both the Old Testament and New Testament set in the culture, history and geography of the ‘Holy Land’ have taken on a new life. Places, events, feasts, names are no longer just strange words or things I read about in a book – they now connect to experiences, I had in Tantur, and so have become more alive!" - Donal O'Keefe, 2016 Tantur CEP participant. 

Tantur has developed several different Programs and Special Courses to serve those seeking to deepen their understanding of this land, its history, its culture, its people and their own faith. The Continuing Education Programs are designed for those who are members of a Christian community, whether as priests, pastors, educators or lay people. These programs range in length from three weeks (the Easter Encounter) to three months. The average program size is between 15 to 20 participants, with the Easter Encounter Program typically having approximately 20 participants. Scholars may also opt to participate in the Continuing Education Programs by attending various lectures and field trips being offered during their stay. From year to year Tantur may also offer additional special courses, such as language classes and event-related programs. Our list of open enrollment course offerings for 2018 and 2019 are below.   

Syriac Church


  • January 15th January 26th, 2020

Six Week  

  • February 12th – March 23rd, 2020


Easter Encounter

  • April 11th – May 2nd, 2019
  • April 2nd – April 22nd, 2020

One Month June & July Programs

  • June 3rd – June 30th, 2019
  • July 4th – July 31st, 2019
  • June 1st – June 27th, 2020
  • July 1st – July 27th, 2020  

Three Month

  • September 4th – November 29th, 2019
  • September 2nd – November 27th, 2020

Educational Enrichment Weeks

  • Bible Session: September 22nd – September 28th, 2019

  • Being Ecumenical: October 27th – November 3rd, 2019

  • Jewish Spirituality: November 3rd – November 9th, 2019

  • Discovering Islam: October 13th – October 19th, 2019

Scholar's Program

The Scholar’s Program is designed for junior and senior scholars, without regard to religious affiliation, who are either writing their dissertations, or who are on sabbatical and desire to research and/or write on a topic integrally connected to this land, whether religious, historical, political or cultural. Each scholar can tailor the program to his or her own needs and the length of the program varies accordingly.Scholars are accepted through a vetting process conducted directly with the rector of Tantur. For more information, please contact tantur@tantur.org


If you have any questions, please contact our Program Office at tanturpo@tantur.org

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