Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to Tantur?

Please click here for further details.

Religious Services

Forr most religious services in Jerusalem and beyond please click here for further information

Interfaith Calendar

For details of holidays across different faiths please click on this BBC link

What should I wear at religious sites?

In Israel at many of the religious sites t-shirts and trousers are ok. However at synagogues and Jewish Orthodox Centres you are required to dress modestly. So long sleeves and long trousers. At all of the Muslim places of worship women are required to dress modestly, as above, and wear a head scarf. You will be required to leave your shoes outside a Mosque before entering. At Christian services you should refrain from wearing caps, hats, and sunglasses in places of worship.

What currency do they use in Israel & Palestine?

Legal tender is the New Israeli Shekel (NIS)

100 NIS for example  = 30 Euro/$37 USD/20 British Pound/$27 Australian Dollars/$27 Canadian Dollars/1.401 Indian Rupee/

NB : Please note that exchange rates do change on a daily basis. To check your currency exchange to the NIS (New Israeli Shekel) please click here.

Program Costs

Please note that all Programs are quoted in US$. To convert the costs into your own currency please click on the link located just above.

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Bank Machines

There are bank machines located all over Jerusalem which accept all the major credit/debit cards. They are less available in Palestine although Bethlehem has several. The bank machines that do accept most overseas cards are

  1.  Arab Bank
  2.  Bank of Palestine

Please note that many bank machines in Israel offer currency in three denominations which can be confusing at times.

  1. NIS (New Israeli Shekel)
  2. US $
  3. Euro

In Palestine they are often offered in three denominations also

  1. NIS (New Israeli Shekel)
  2. JOD (Jordanian Dinar)
  3. US $ 

Business Hours

Shopping hours in Israel are usually between 9.00am – 6.00pm Sunday to Thursday and around 9.00am to 2.00pm Friday. Many places close on Saturdays.

In primarily Muslim communities within Israel and Palestine many places close all day Friday.

In the Christian communities of Bethlehem district and the Old City of Jerusalem, many shops and businesses not catering to tourists, as well as private medical clinics and pharmacies, close on Sundays.  

On Holidays many museums, shops, malls etc. close. For a full list of Jewish/Muslim Holidays in Israel please visit  and for Muslim Holidays in Palestine

Tourist Information

Nearly every main town and city in Israel has a tourist office In Palestine, Bethlehem has two centers: ( and To see what is going in in the Palestinian Territories an excellent English language resource is

 Average Temperatures in Jerusalem (In C-Clesius & F-Fahrenheit)









































NB : The weather in Israel can be incredibly cold, wet & windy from January through to the end of March. Please remember to bring suitable clothing during these months.

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Travelling around Israel & Palestine

There are two main options for travelling around Israel. Israel has an extensive bus system and also a limited train service serving the largest cities. Please click on the following links to access information on each such as timetables, routes, costs etc.

  1. Israel Railways
  2. Egged Israeli Bus

You can also travel around Palestine by bus or shared taxi. You can travel to Hebron from Hebron Road in Bethlehem. For most other services to Ramallah, Nablus, Jenin, Jericho you can get a bus from the bus station across from The Damascus Gate (Old City). Ramallah serves as a transport node for many of Palestinian cities so you will have to change buses for a shared taxi if travelling to Nablus for instance. When travelling to Jericho you will have to make a change at Bethany. It is all relatively seamless and distances within Palestine are not great.

  • For details on distances between Israeli cities please click here.
  • For details on distances between Palestinian cities please click here.

Please note that travel in the Palestinan Territories is frequently hampered by checkpoints so journeys may take longer than anticipated.

Checking Flight Details for your Departure.

  • For details of flights leaving Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv, please click here
  • For details of flights leaving Queen Alia International Airport, Amman, please click here


Israel is on a par with many Western European countries. Palestine is considerably cheaper.

Who can I contact in the event of an emergency?

Tantur has a 24 hour reception. You can phone Tantur and have your call directed to the person in question on 00972 2 676 0911.

Standard Israeli Plug

What type of plug do the use in Israel/Palestine?

They use a three pronged plug. You may need to bring an adaptor.

Internet and WiFi Resources

Tantur provides free Wi-Fi in all the rooms and has a computer lab that is accessible 24 hours per day.  Please be aware that various apps on personal devices may or not have full functionability in the Holy Land, in particular the West Bank; please check with your service providers prior to arrival in the country.  

Online News Services

BBC & Al Jazeera give up to the minute news of events in the Middle East and around the world

International Dialling Codes

To access your international dialling code please click here

  1. Enter the country you are calling from
  2. Enter the country you are calling to
  3. Click submit on the telephone dial
  4. Click on the scroll down menu to reveal a list of towns & cities
  5. Click on the city you are looking for
  6. Click once again on submit

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Tantur provides stamps at reception and will post your cards, letters and parcels.



Most European countries, North American, Australia and NZ will be issued with a three month visa free of charge on arrival. Visas for Jordan, SInai (procedures differ slightly from Egypt) & Egypt can also be acquired at the border for a fee. However, please check with your Foreign Office if you are not sure as requirements can change from time to time. You cannot travel to Syria or Lebanon from Israel. You cannot travel to Syria or Lebanon with an Israeli stamp in your passport. If you intend travelling to these destinations you can ask Israeli customs to put the stamp on a separate piece of paper, but be prepared for many questions as to the reasons for this request.

For a list of Arab countries that permits or refuses entry with an Israeli stamp on passports, please click here.

Consular and Embassy services

For details of your embassy and consular representatives in Israel please click on this link and scroll down until you find your embassy and/or consular representative

Time Difference Israel/Palestine

  • +2 Hours GMT (London/Dublin)
  • + 1 Hour CET (Central European Time) (Vienna/Berlin)
  • -7 ESB (Eastern Sea Board) (New York)
  • -10 Pacific (Seattle/Vancouver)
  • +6 WA (Western Australia/Perth) +9 EA (Eastern Australia/Sydney) 
  • +11 (Auckland, NZ)

What is the international dialing code for Israel?

+00972 – While we have telephone facilities at Tantur you may wish to purchase telephone cards which are a cheaper option. They can be purchased at any post office or lottery kiosk. For instance a 20 NIS calling card will allow you to talk for 60 minutes (landline) to Australia, USA & UK..

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Is tap water safe to drink?

In Israel it is and also in most of Palestine. However in remote areas of Palestine it is best to use bottled water.

What methods of payment do we accept at Tantur?

  1. Cash
  2. Wire Transfer
  3. Credit Card - we take Visa and Mastercard only. 

Where should I stay while traveling around Israel & Palestine?

In both Israel & Palestine there are many options ranging from budget accommodation right up to 5 Star Luxury Hotels. As a rule accommodation in Israel is very expensive. So for reasonable prices one of the best websites I have have found is and Please don't be fooled by the title. Hostelworld offers everything from Hostels & Hotels, to apartment & room rentals. If you wish to rent a room in an apartment which is often the cheapest way in Israel then Airbnb is a great option.

Where do I do my laundry?

Tantur has numerous washing machines and driers located throughout the building which are for the use of our resident community. Private apartments have their own washing machines. During the Spring and Summer months we encourage our guests to dry their clothes on the drying racks provided in each room in order to conserve electricity.

Should you have any further queries please feel free to email us.

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