Tantur relies on the goodwill and generosity of people like you to sustain it in its work and mission here on the seam between Jerusalem and Bethlehem.  No gift is too small and all gifts will go to the project or fund designated by the donor. 

We recieve numerous requests for financial assistance for scholars and students each year and do the best we can, focusing on the greatest need with special emphasis on those coming from countries with fewer academic resources and support for sabbatical research and study abroad.  There are also the needs of local people who often come to us seeking practical assistance and help.

We have a rector’s fund that we have created to assist those in need in very practical ways. Consider a donation in any of the following areas and by all means come and enjoy the warm hospitality that is Tantur.




Donations can be made by either credit card or wire transfer. 

Credit Card

Tantur Ecumenical Institute is able to accept Visa and Master Card.  Please contact Office Manager Sandy Dides at for processing a donation by credit card. 

Wire Transfer

To begin the process of donating to Tantur via wire transfer, please first contact Office Manager Sandy Dides at 

Our bank information for the purpose of a wire transfer is as follows. 

University of Notre Dame
Tantur Ecumenical Institute
Business Office

Bank Details
Mercantile Discount Bank #17
Branch # 638
Salah El-Din Street
Jerusalem – Israel
University of Notre Dame
US$. a/c No.980-01-229997
IBAN No. – IL 570176380000001229992

Note: Our official name at the local Bank is University of Notre Dame