Tantur Testimonials

Easter Encounter Tugendhat

No parish or commercially organised pilgrimage to the Holy Land can give more than this experience. It is exceptional in the number of places the pilgrims can visit, in the depth and scope of what those attending can learn about the history, politics and religions of this fragile land, in the number of variety of people they can meet, and in the spiritual opportunities that it offers.

- Sir Michael Tugendhat, retired High Court judge, London, UK.  Easter Encounter. 

The Spilsbury Family on Sabbatical at Tantur

A family of four coming to the Holy Land for a five-month sabbatical may have been haunted and daunted by questions; Tantur set our minds at ease. With a lovely three-bedroom apartment, the opportunity for community as well separate identity, internet access and invitations to join in field trips and group activities, we found Tantur to be the perfect place to learn, study, explore and grow. The scholar among us worked in the library and wrote academic works; the pastor got involved in local worship and community questions; the young teens wandered and took in a living education on middle eastern history andpolitics, while doing online school; and as a family unit we felt stronger, better and more united in vision and purpose as a result ofthe Tantur hospitality and experience. Many thanks for a wonderful stay!

 - Pastor Bronwyn Spilsbury, Foothills Alliance Church, Calgary, Alberta, Canada,  5 Month Sabbatical.


We have returned home and our lives continue on as they did before the Easter Encounter, however nothing is quite the same.  The Easter Season came alive as we walked in Jesus’ steps and felt His presence in the very location where he lived and preached, suffered and died for us over 2000 years ago.   Our experience was enhanced through the use of all of our senses.  As we climbed the hilly region and saw the many beautiful churches, we heard stories from the Bible of the events that had taken place there.  We enjoyed St. Peter fish, had a sample of Cana wedding wine, anticipated the depth of Jacob’s well and felt the cool breeze of the Sea of Galilee.  We received a very comprehensive understanding of the Holy Land and feel very blessed to have participated.  It was wonderful to share the experience with a group of Christians from different parts of the world who were interested in growing in their faith.  The hospitality we were shown was warm and welcoming.  The program far exceeded our expectations in every aspect.  Thank you for an experience of a lifetime!  We are truly grateful.

- Karen and Frank Dundek, Engineers, Chicago, Illinois.  Easter Encounter Program


6 Week Group 2012

After years of dreaming of participating in a study program in the Holy Land, the opportunity finally presented itself when I was faced with the wonderful task of planning a personalized sabbatical experience for myself.  Given my time constraints and stories of friends' experiences in the Holy Land, I knew a one month program was too short and three months was too long.  How excited I was to learn that Tantur offered a 6-week continuing education program!   In addition to timing, Tantur's academic excellence, ecumenical and interfaith focus and community-based living and learning were just what I was looking for during my sojourn in the holiest of lands. I would further discover that classroom input, field experiences and free time were perfectly balanced to allow serious study and deep reflection on the mission and ministry of Jesus, our ancestors in the faith and on the current, pressing political issues of the region. I cannot say enough for the richness of the program, the staff and participants, professors and guides, location, food and fun - all in a safe and warm environment.  My life as one called to proclaim the gospel has indeed been changed forever!

 - Sr. Kathryn Berger, School Sisters of Notre Dame, St. Paul, MN USA,  6-Week Program