Tantur's impressive auditorium

Our campus sits at the top of a hill on the southern edge of Jerusalem overlooking the Judean hills and the city of Bethlehem.  It includes 40 acres of olive, fruit and pine trees and gardens that bloom nearly all year round. The buildings, designed by the renowned architect Frank Montana, flow with the contour of the hillside and as they are made of white Jerusalem stone, blend beautifully with their surroundings.Tantur residents have comfortable living quarters.  We have 50 guest rooms including both private and double rooms with either private or shared baths. 

In addition we have ten fully-equipped and furnished apartments for couples and families.  Each room has its own balcony and there are many large verandas where guests can read, work, socialize or just enjoy the sunset. 


All guests eat their meals together in our large dining room where they enjoy three freshly-cooked meals per day.  Coffee and tea are available at all hours in the coffee

Peaceful Tantur Courtyard

room.  Our recreational facilities include an exercise facility, a tennis court and ping-pong room.  Wifi is available in every room, and a PC computer room is also available for those not bringing their own laptops and personal devices. Tantur has a large auditorium, with basic audiovisual and translation equipment, and a beautiful seminar room for large group lectures and conferences.  We also have several smaller classrooms and meeting spaces to accommodate the various scholars, guests and groups that use our facilities. 

Games Room

Tantur also has one of the best theological libraries in the area with more than 70,000 books and 400 journals.  The library spans three floors and includes private study rooms for scholars.Tantur’s chapel provides for the spiritual needs of our group participants, scholars and guests.  Services are scheduled according to needs, but often include Catholic mass and inter-faith evening prayer.In order for guests to enjoy their free time as well, we are updating some of our common rooms. We have a TV room, reading room, games room as well as a space for ping-pong tournaments.  

Egged Israeli Bus - 71 & 72 to and from Jerusalem City Centre

Transportation from Tantur to the heart of Jerusalem is easy, since the bus stops are just across the street.  It is an easy walk to Bethlehem as well.  Tantur offers a tranquil haven away from the pressure and noise of the cities, but the cities and all they have to offer are only a few minutes away. In this sense, we have the best of both worlds.

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