About Us

An Oasis of Learning, Community & Hospitality

The Tantur Ecumenical Institute is situated at a beautiful location on a Hill in Jerusalem, near Bethlehem. It serves as a welcoming place in The Holy Land for visitors who come from all over the world to stay at this Oasis of Learning, Community and Hospitality.

We welcome groups and individuals from all walks of life including:

  • Scholars from numerous disciplines
  • Teachers, students and conference attendees
  • Spiritual sojourners of all faiths
  • Clergy and members of all religious communities wishing to spend part or all of their Sabbatical in the Holy Land
  • University Groups, Church Groups, Organisations and Individual Guests  seeking enrichment in the land where Jesus lived and taught are all welcome here at Tantur.

Tantur offers a variety of  Continuing Education Programs  and Sabbatical Programs for anyone seeking to encounter this complex land we call "holy." Each program includes a variety of lectures and excursions designed to introduce participants to its geography, history, complex religious life, local people and the Bible. 

The Jerusalem Experience

Jerusalem -

Jerusalem is a mosaic of cultures and nationalities, of peoples and neighbourhoods, interesting architecture both old and new. It is a patchwork of religions with a vibrant character. Its churches, mosques and synagogues reflect the varied and rich history that this city has experienced and it is easy to immerse oneself in the sights, sounds and unique beauty of The Old City. Christian, Muslim & Jewish traditions intermingle and contrast throughout the city and this is reflected in the wide array of architectural styles, artwork, traditional dress and culinary delights of this historical gem. Tantur’s location on a hilltop between Jerusalem and Bethlehem is ideally suited for easy access to both cities while at the same time being a place of quiet and rest.