Four Week Intensive Hebrew

This four-week intensive Modern Hebrew course (Ulpan Level Alef) is comprised of 100 hours of Hebrew instruction. The course is best suited to those graduate and doctoral students who have an intermediate-level knowledge of Biblical Hebrew and would like to transition to Modern Hebrew. While the course is at beginners level, it is accelerated and so the participants should have an understanding of the basic grammatical structure of biblical Hebrew. Students are taught by qualified Ulpan instructors. The course is held at the Tantur Ecumenical Institute in Jerusalem.  Please note that the 2014 Hebrew Program has been cancelled.


Costs for Program

Hebrew Program

  • Includes tuition, room, board & course materials.
  • Reduced rate for local participants which includes tuition & course materials. 
  • Rates for the 2015 program will be set soon. 


Shared Room with one other person.

Recommended Materials

It is advisable to bring a Hebrew/English dictionary with you. 


Payment is due upon arrival for a program and may be made by cheque or wire transfer.  Further payment details will be sent to you when we have received your application.  Please include as much information on the wire transfer or cheque that identifies the participant for whom the payment is being made. Once you have forwarded your cheque or wire transfer, we would be grateful if you would confirm the transaction with our Bookkeeper, Yael Shalem. You can email Yael at yshalem@tantur.orgIf you do not have an email address Yael can be contacted on 00972 2 676 0911  (ext 107) or faxed on 00972 2 676 0914.