Scholars & Research

Academic Fees

  • $375 (Up to 6 Weeks)
  • $700 (Academic Semester)

Scholars wishing to receive this special rate should first apply to the rector, Fr. Russ McDougall, CSC, in order to share the nature of their proposed research while at Tantur.  Please do not contact our Reservations Office regarding accomodation and meal plans until you have received confirmation from our rector that you are a candidate as either a scholar or researcher.  Fr. Russ McDougall be contacted by email at

Field Trips

On a per trip basis, based on availability.  

Room & Full Board (no deductions for missed meals): 

  • Single Room (Private Bathroom) - $1,600/month
  • Single Room (Shared Bathroom)  - $1,450/month
  • Double Room, (Private Bath)  - $1,200/month (per person)

Apartments (limited number available - restricted to families; does not include meals). 

  • Two Bedroom:  $1,375/month
  • Three Bedroom$1,510/month
  • Four Bedroom:  $2,310/month

This plan in the apartments does not include food in the dining room (except Sunday night when all are invited). The price for meals other than Sunday dinner in the Dining Room for apartment dwellers are as follows:

  • Breakfast$5 for adults, $3 for children aged 6-12, children under 6 included in adult breakfast order. 
  • Lunch/dinner$12 for adults, $8 for children aged 6-12, children under 6 included in adult breakfast order. 

All apartments have a kitchen, living room, and bathroom. Rent includes heating, water, and electricity, but not telephone. There is a change of sheets and towels once a week. 


Payment is due upon arrival for a program.  Further payment details will be sent to you when we have received your application.  

Payment options are as follows:

Credit Cards.  The following credit cards are now accepted by Tantur: Visa and Mastercard. American Express and Diners Club credit cards are not accepted. 

Wire transfers.  Wire transfers are accepted.  Coverage of wire transfer fees are the responsibility of the party issuing payment. Wire transfer payment should be made to the University of Notre Dame and clearly indicate the name and/or organization of the sending party for tracking and accounting purposes. Do not address the wire transfer to Tantur Ecumenical Institute.  Payment will normally take 5 to 10 working days to reach our accounts.  Please contact Sandy Dides for pertinent wire transfer information.

Cash. In-person cash payments at the office of Tantur are acceptable in US Dollars only; we are unable to offer currency exchange services at Tantur.  

Checks. Checks issued by regional banks are honored.  All checks issued by US banks are subject to a service fee of $120.00, and must carry a value of at least $300.00.  Checks issued by non-regional banks other than those from the US are subject to various service fees and minimal monetary value sums; please contact the appropriate Tantur staff member prior to issuing a check.  Please note: All checks should be made out to University of Notre Dame. Checks made out to Tantur Ecumenical Institute will not be accepted. 

For inquires regarding specifics of residential life at Tantur while a scholar or researcher, or regarding methods of payment, you can email our Reservations Manager, Sandy Dides, at If you do not have an email address Sandy can be contacted on 00972 2 676 0911  (Ext 107) or faxed on 00972 2 676 0914.  We ask that your program is first approved by Fr. Russ before contacting Sandy on any such concerns. 


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