News from Tantur

Tantur is a meeting place of people and ideas; a community in permanent transition. 

We are paradoxically a place of peace, of rest and renewal, yet also a center of activity for ecumenical Christian and interfaith study, dialogue and research, a meeting ground for international and local communities.

Our work is never done,fr nor are we ever "full" in terms of our social activities, scholarly pursuits and roster of friends, residents and guests.  With over 40 years as a hub of such dynamic activity, our staff have learned to expect the unexpected. 

Browsing this section of our website will help you give some idea of what Tantur has to offer our visitors who desire to live the full Tantur experience, and what they can look forward to during their time with us.

If you live in Jerusalem or the Holy Land, you can help expand our work and mission by sharing opportunities within your own network and social circles with us, as well as signing up for our Events Mailing List by contacting Events Coordinator Raanan Mallek at